Struct glib_sys::GScanner[][src]

pub struct GScanner { pub user_data: gpointer, pub max_parse_errors: c_uint, pub parse_errors: c_uint, pub input_name: *const c_char, pub qdata: *mut GData, pub config: *mut GScannerConfig, pub token: GTokenType, pub value: GTokenValue, pub line: c_uint, pub position: c_uint, pub next_token: GTokenType, pub next_value: GTokenValue, pub next_line: c_uint, pub next_position: c_uint, pub symbol_table: *mut GHashTable, pub input_fd: c_int, pub text: *const c_char, pub text_end: *const c_char, pub buffer: *mut c_char, pub scope_id: c_uint, pub msg_handler: GScannerMsgFunc, }


Trait Implementations

impl Copy for GScanner

impl Clone for GScanner

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impl Debug for GScanner

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Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for GScanner

impl !Sync for GScanner