Trait gstreamer_app::prelude::BufferPoolExt[][src]

pub trait BufferPoolExt {
    fn get_options(&self) -> Vec<String>;
fn has_option(&self, option: &str) -> bool;
fn is_active(&self) -> bool;
fn set_active(&self, active: bool) -> Result<(), BoolError>;
fn set_flushing(&self, flushing: bool); }

Trait containing all BufferPool methods.



Required Methods

Important traits for Vec<u8>

Get a None terminated array of string with supported bufferpool options for self. An option would typically be enabled with BufferPool::config_add_option.


a None terminated array of strings.

Check if the bufferpool supports option.


an option


true if the buffer pool contains option.

Check if self is active. A pool can be activated with the BufferPoolExt::set_active call.


true when the pool is active.

Control the active state of self. When the pool is inactive, new calls to BufferPool::acquire_buffer will return with FlowReturn::Flushing.

Activating the bufferpool will preallocate all resources in the pool based on the configuration of the pool.

Deactivating will free the resources again when there are no outstanding buffers. When there are outstanding buffers, they will be freed as soon as they are all returned to the pool.


the new active state


false when the pool was not configured or when preallocation of the buffers failed.

Enable or disable the flushing state of a self without freeing or allocating buffers.


whether to start or stop flushing