Trait gstreamer::TagSetterExt[][src]

pub trait TagSetterExt {
    fn get_tag_list(&self) -> Option<TagList>;
fn get_tag_merge_mode(&self) -> TagMergeMode;
fn merge_tags(&self, list: &TagList, mode: TagMergeMode);
fn reset_tags(&self);
fn set_tag_merge_mode(&self, mode: TagMergeMode); }

Trait containing all TagSetter methods.



Required Methods

Returns the current list of tags the setter uses. The list should not be modified or freed.

This function is not thread-safe.


a current snapshot of the taglist used in the setter or None if none is used.

Queries the mode by which tags inside the setter are overwritten by tags from events


the merge mode used inside the element.

Merges the given list into the setter's list using the given mode.


a tag list to merge from


the mode to merge with

Reset the internal taglist. Elements should call this from within the state-change handler.

Sets the given merge mode that is used for adding tags from events to tags specified by this interface. The default is TagMergeMode::Keep, which keeps the tags set with this interface and discards tags from events.


The mode with which tags are added