Trait gstreamer::PluginFeatureExt[][src]

pub trait PluginFeatureExt {
    fn check_version(
        min_major: u32,
        min_minor: u32,
        min_micro: u32
    ) -> bool;
fn get_plugin(&self) -> Option<Plugin>;
fn get_plugin_name(&self) -> Option<String>;
fn get_rank(&self) -> u32;
fn load(&self) -> Option<PluginFeature>;
fn set_rank(&self, rank: u32); }

Trait containing all PluginFeature methods.


DeviceProviderFactory, ElementFactory, PluginFeature, TypeFindFactory

Required Methods

Checks whether the given plugin feature is at least the required version


minimum required major version


minimum required minor version


minimum required micro version


true if the plugin feature has at least the required version, otherwise false.

Get the plugin that provides this feature.


the plugin that provides this feature, or None. Unref with GstObjectExt::unref when no longer needed.

Get the name of the plugin that provides this feature.


the name of the plugin that provides this feature, or None if the feature is not associated with a plugin.

Gets the rank of a plugin feature.


The rank of the feature

Loads the plugin containing self if it's not already loaded. self is unaffected; use the return value instead.

Normally this function is used like this:

GstPluginFeature *loaded_feature;

loaded_feature = gst_plugin_feature_load (feature);
// presumably, we're no longer interested in the potentially-unloaded feature
gst_object_unref (feature);
feature = loaded_feature;


a reference to the loaded feature, or None on error

Specifies a rank for a plugin feature, so that autoplugging uses the most appropriate feature.


rank value - higher number means more priority rank