Struct gstreamer::ParseContext[]

pub struct ParseContext(_);

Opaque structure.


impl ParseContext

Allocates a parse context for use with gst_parse_launch_full or gst_parse_launchv_full.

Free-function: gst_parse_context_free


a newly-allocated parse context. Free with ParseContext::free when no longer needed.

Important traits for Vec<u8>

Retrieve missing elements from a previous run of gst_parse_launch_full or gst_parse_launchv_full. Will only return results if an error code of ParseError::NoSuchElement was returned.


a None-terminated array of element factory name strings of missing elements. Free with g_strfreev when no longer needed.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ParseContext

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impl StaticType for ParseContext

Returns the type identifier of Self.

impl Default for ParseContext

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Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for ParseContext

impl !Sync for ParseContext